Westchester Woman Receives Probation

A Westchester County Judge announced a ruling on Tuesday, in the case against Kathleen Dymes of Croton-on-Hudson in the death of her six-year old daughter in April 2015. On Easter Sunday last year Lacey Carr’s father, David Carr, discovered the unconscious bodies of Lacey and Dymes, who officials determined had suffered overdoses of various prescription drugs, including Benadryl, Oxycodone, Valium, and Morphine, as well as traces of alcohol. The incident left Dymes in a coma for two weeks and officials stated she suffered from severe depression throughout the last year, leading to hospitalization. In January of this year Dymes pleaded guilty to being responsible for her young daughter’s death, after she was charged with negligent homicide and on Tuesday was seen in court again where the judge stated, since the evidence in the case showed that Dymes did not purposely giver Lacey the drugs that led to her death and she only attempted to take her own life after realizing her daughter had died , probation was an appropriate sentence.

Bohovesky Killer Denied Parole

The convicted killer of young Rockland woman has been denied parole once again. 55-year old Robert McCain was accused in the 1980 murder and sexual assault of 16-year old Paula Bohovesky of Pearl River, and was arrested along with now 63-year old Richard LaBarbera for the crime, for which both are now serving 25-years to life in prison. They have continuously petitioned for release since becoming eligible in 2005. McCain can now attempt to receive early release in 2017, despite the state parole board denying his most recent appeal on Tuesday. Many Rockland residents band together each time either man petitions for parole, neighbors and friends of Bohovesky and her mother Lois, who still lives in Pearl River, show overwhelming support for the family by voicing their opposition to both men’s potential release and passing around petitions against it, accumulating hundreds of signatures. McCain and LaBarbera deny having any part in the crime, which took place on October 28, 1080 when Paula was walking home from the Pearl River Library. According to official reports on investigation the two men had been drinking all day when they came across the young girl. A medical report stated she had been raped as well but the charges were rejected by a jury, which convicted the men of second degree murder.

Lawsuit Against East Ramapo Dismissed

A lawsuit filed by a group of Rockland County education advocates has been dismissed. According to Laura Barbieri, the lawyer who filed the class action suit on behalf of the law firm Advocates for Justice, the group has plans to file again within a month. The lawsuit was against the East Ramapo School District and several local yeshivas, or private religious institution, claiming that officials were not providing students with proper educations by not teaching secular subjects. Included in the suit was the State Department of Education, which the group claimed helped continue the conditions in the schools. According to the Journal News, which broke the story, the group voluntarily dismissed the suit against the school, the district, and the Education Department which the group voluntarily dismissed the case. Barbieri stated to the newspaper that Advocates for Justice was not prepared to serve the defendants and are currently preparing to refile, adding another plaintiff to the list of former students accusing the education systems of failing them in regards to their curriculums.

New York Board of Regents Approves Teaching Certification for Undocumented Immigrants

The New York State Board of Regents met this week to vote on allowing undocumented immigrants to apply for teacher certifications. According to Education Commissioner Mary Ellen Elia, the board decided to approve the decision, stating that most of those interested in applying have gone to school and worked hard, but are often denied the opportunity to teach due to their immigration status. Officials referenced the federal policy that was enacted in 2012, Deferred Action for Childhood arrivals, which allows children of undocumented immigrants that were raised in America to defer removal from the Country for two years. Those that fit the requirements of DACA act will now be able to become certified to teach in New York State. Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office commented that he must review the controversial policy, but stated that the legality will depend on the way it is written.

Two Men Arrested for ATM Skimming

Stony Point Police arrested two men this week, after they allegedly installed a skimmer in an ATM at the Sterling Bank on Liberty Drive. 31-year old Roberto Lombardi of Queens were arrested on Saturday after an investigation into a complaint that a card was sticking in the machine proved that they had used fake names and papers to gain access to the bank, where they then placed a skimming device on the ATM. Police charged the two men with Grand Larceny, possession of burglar tools, possession of a forgery device, and identity theft and are being held in Rockland County Jail.

Couple Found Dead in New City Home

According to CLarkstown Police two people were found dead inside their New City on Tuesday. Police responded to the home on Raven Terrace after they received a call from the couple’s son when he went to check on Joseph and Elizabeth Codi, and discovered their bodies in separate bedrooms. Officials stated on Thursday that an autopsy determined 89-year old Joseph and 85-year old Elizabeth most likely died of natural causes over a week before they were found and toxicology reports will be returned at a later date and will provide further information about the cause, such as if Carbon Monoxide poisoning was a possibility. As investigations continue, police have officially ruled out foul play.

Welcome, The Steve and Jordan Morning Show!

Big news today, the WRCR family is welcoming in a new cohost to the morning show! Meredyth is moving on to the Big Apple to further pursue a career in acting, but fear not, Jordan Baker, a Rockland County local, will be taking over. Hailing from New York City, Jordan now lives with her husband, actor Kevin Kilner in Tappan. Jordan is also an actress with experience in film, television, and theater. Her most recent work includes a film titled “5 Flights Up” starring Diane Keaton and Morgan Freeman. WRCR, which recently moved to a 10,000 watt signal on 1700 AM over the summer of 2015 and reaches more than 12 million people from Rockland County to New York City, is thrilled to welcome Jordan to the team!

18-Year Old Arrested For Sexual Abuse And child endangerment

According to Clarkstown Police, an 18-year old Ramapo High School graduate has been accused of sexually abusing an underage teenage boy. Marcus Stroud Met the younger teen through a program for which he is a volunteer wrestling coach in Rockland, Westchester, and Bergen counties. According to the parents of the victim, beginning in December Stroud used snapchat and other forms of social media to lure their son. Police arrested Stroud on Monday and he is currently being held on multiple charges, including second-degree criminal sex act, as well as sexual abuse and child endangerment. He is expected to be indicted on Friday

New York state Unanimously Voted To Approve Legislation That Changes The Process For Becoming An Organ Donor

The state unanimously voted this week to approve legislation that changed the process for becoming an organ donor in New York, which remains one of the lowest ranked states in donor registration numbers. Lauren’s law, named after a Stony Point 12-year old, Lauren shields who was the recipient of a donated heart in 2009, has been approved for a four-year extension by the senate. The assembly will now need to approve the legislation, As well as governor Andrew Cuomo. Residents were previously given the option of passing over the organ donor section while applying for a New York license, now with Lauren’s law, the application requires you to select yes or to skip this question, forcing you to read the area and reconsider selecting yes or no. Officials stated that over the lat few months the number of organ donors have increased from 11 to 17 percent, in large part due to the legislation

Man Faces Less Charges for Allegedly Killing West Nyack Resident

According to officials on the case of Dylan Lentini, the 19-year old accused of killing West Nyack resident Michael Wimbert, is facing less charges than he was originally arrested for. Starting on November 27, Lentini was staying with Wimber after he accepted a craigslist ad to rent a room in the 66-year old’s apartment. On December 1st Police discovered Wimbert’s body at the address on Demarest Avenue when they responded to a call placed by Lentini, who was found in the front yard of the home with blood on his clothing and a knife wound on his right hand. Defense Lawyers for the teen, who had previously been living at a homeless shelter in New York City, claim their client was acting in self-defense after the older man had sexually assaulted him. When first seen in court Lentini pleaded not guilty to all charges and this week Supreme Court Justice William Kelly opted to dismiss allegations that Lentini had robbed Wimbert, stating to the court that there was insufficient evidence to support the claim. The teen now faces a charge of second-degree murder, for which he could receive 15 to 25 years to life in prison.

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