Accused Killer’s Court Case Delayed

A judge in Westchester County Court ruled in Thursday that Lacey Spears, who is accused of poisoning her five-year old son Garnett by putting high levels of sodium in the boy’s feeding bag in January, will have a delayed court date in December. According to Judge Richard Molea witnesses lawyers had conflicting schedules and ordered that the case be postponed until a date can be decided. Lawyers stated that they plan to meet on december 11, with more information and a set schedule. Spears will continue to be held at Westchester County Jail without bail.

New 911 Operations for Infectious Disease Calls

According to new guidelines set by the CDC, the Rockland County Sheriff’s office is implementing a new system for phone operators. The CDC released a plan for officers to respond to potential infectious disease calls to 911, after the recent isolation of a Rockland resident was made public. The woman had arrived home on October 5 after traveling to Liberia and was held in her home for 21 days, after which she was cleared of any risks of Ebola. Part of the new county plan gives 911 operators to ask callers who suspect they are suffering from potential diseases. The Sheriff’s Department stated the plan is in place to help with the number of calls that come in, though so far none of have been real threats. The first case in the Northeast and fourth in the country was reported on Thursday, a doctor in New York City who treated Ebola patients in West Africa without borders tested positive with symptoms.

Baby with Rockland Family Killed in Israel in Terror Act

On Wednesday morning officials reported that a 3-month old girl who has family in Monsey was killed in Jerusalem when a car drove onto the platform where she and her parents were waiting for a train. Israeli authorities reported that the crash was intentional and are calling it a terrorist attack by a Palestinian man. The baby, Chaya Braun, was in her stroller when the car drove into a crowd of people, and she died later at a local hospital, where her mother Chani Halperin-Braun formerly of Monsey, and father were also taken for injuries along with seven others. Chani’s parents still live in Monsey and residents as well as county officials have expressed condolences and sadness for the family in the aftermath of the tragedy.

Rockland Sewer District 1 Ordered to Pay 1 Million to Upper Saddle River

On Tuesday a Federal Judge ruled that Rockland County Sewer District Number 1, which is located on about 70 miles in Airmont and Ramapo must pay Upper Saddle River, New Jersey $950,000 for damages caused by spillage and legal fees. The seven-year lawsuit stated that waste from the sewage crossed into the New Jersey borough’s river, lawns, and streets, while being transported to the Orangeburg treatment plant. Judge Edgardo Ramos ordered that the sewer district pay the money by December 31 or face a fine of $25,000.

Suffern Landlady Accused of Throwing Boiling Water at Tenant

According to police a Suffern woman was accused of attacking a tenant in her three-bedroom house at 9:00 on Wednesday night. Suffern Police Chief Clarke Osborn stated that 29-year old Katty Metoute got into a fight with a 34-year old man whose name was not released and threw boiling water at him before threatening him with a knife. Police are unaware of what caused the fight, but stated that the home houses more than one tenant, though it is legally a single-family dwelling. The man was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital for treatment to second-degree burns on his face and back. Metoute was charged with a felony count of second-degree assault, as well as a misdemeanor count of fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon and is being held at the Rockland County Jail on $2,500.

Rockland Resident Cleared of Ebola Risk

According to county and health officials a Rockland resident who returned to the United States from Liberia on October 5 was held in quarantine for 21 days while waiting for potential Ebola symptoms. On her arrival back to Rockland County woman was released to her home for a voluntary monitored isolation period of three weeks and after not showing symptoms was cleared of any Ebola risks. County Executive Ed Day defended the decision not to inform the public until yesterday of the unidentified woman’s quarantine, stating that the county’s plan was put in place even though, at the time, there was little to no chance that she had been exposed, as she was not showing symptoms, and it was best to avoid county-wide panic.

Police Investigate Man Hit by Car While Lying in Road

Clarkstown Police are asking for witnesses or information on an accident they began investigating on Sunday morning involving a pedestrian and a car in West Nyack. Police stated that a 31-year old Orange County man was hit by a 27-year old Nyack woman around 2:45 AM when the man, whose name was not released, was struck while lying in the street on Route 59. The man was taken to Westchester Medical Center and his condition remains unavailable. Police have not found a car near the accident site and are currently looking into why or how the man came to be lying in the street. Anyone with information can call Clarkstown Police at 845-639-5800.

Woman Arrested for Forgery and Theft

According to Clarkstown Police a Connecticut woman was arrested on Sunday for attempting to make purchases using a forged driver’s license and checks. Police stated that 36-year old Callie Trice was charged with first-degree identity theft, second-degree possession of forged instruments, second-degree forgery, and fourth-degree criminal possession of stolen property, all felonies, as well as a misdemeanor count of petty larceny when she was caught by cashiers and store security at Target trying to use the forged items to purchase $150 of electronics and giftcards. Trice is being held at the Rockland County Jail on $5,000 bail.

East Ramapo Board Meeting Packed with Protestors

Parents, students, and activists attended the East Ramapo School District’s board meeting on Tuesday night to express concern on the issue of discrimination in the district. In August Superintendent Joel Klein made remarks that the large amounts of immigrant students entering the student body is responsible for the high dropout rate. At Tuesday night’s meeting hundreds of parents arrived with signs, many demanding that the Superintendent resign. On Friday Klein released a letter to the district, apologizing for offending anyone with his statements and he repeated the apology last night, though protestors stated they will be attending board meetings until they see a sufficient change.

Armed Robberies in Haverstraw and Orangeburg

According to police a customer at the Chase Bank on Route 9W in Haverstraw was robbed in the parking lot on Tuesday morning. A woman reported that two black men wearing black shorts and hoodie sweatshirts pulled a handgun on her while she was making a deposit around 8:00 AM. No one was reported injured and the men ran away with the cash and police began the search for them using a helicopter. Also on Tuesday morning police responded to an unrelated call reporting an armed break in at an apartment in Orangeburg. According to police a couple living in an apartment above the Cloverleaf Inn on Western Highway were in their home at 2:00 AM when two men forced their way in with a handgun and punched the man in the head, while the woman locked herself in the bathroom. Police stated that she escaped out the bathroom window onto the roof of the porch, and the suspects did not find what they were looking for before leaving. Police are still investigating both robberies.