Boulders Recap

The Rockland Boulders played their first game in the three-game series against Les Quebec Capitales on Wednesday night. After Tuesday’s 7-6 loss against the New Jersey Jackals, the Boulders started Wednesday’s game with a 3-0 lead, Les Capitales scored their first run in the third inning, making the score 3-1. By the sixth inning the Boulders continued their lead with a score of 5-3 and held that to win the game. The two teams play again tonight at Provident Bank Park at 7:00. You can listen to the game live at WRCR 1700 AM or online at

Ex-Nyack College Softball Coach Back in Court

A former Nyack College softball coach who was accused of inappropriately touching girls on the team is seeking to have the charges dismissed. 44-year old Kurt Ludwigsen of Ridgewood New Jersey was arrested in March of this year after he was fired as head coach, and was charged with seven counts of felony first-degree coercion as well as 94 counts of forcible touching, 94 counts of third-degree sexual abuse, and two counts of second-degree harassment all misdemeanors, for allegedly kissing and touching players on the team. Ludwigsen and his attorney’s are now claiming that the Rockland County District Attorney’s office failed to follow legal process by informing the jury they would only hear the misdemeanor charges. The defense attorneys stated that the jury did in fact hear the felony charges in court as well, violating the process. The case will continue in court on August 19.

Accident in Westchester Between Bus and Fire Truck

First responders arrived at an accident on Yonkers Avenue in Westchester Wednesday night, to find a fire truck and small bus had collided. Yonkers Police and fire officials stated that the firetruck was heading to a call, just leaving Company 313, when it struck the Yonkers Casino shuttle bus. Six individuals on the bus were injured and taken to the hospital, along with four of the firefighters on the truck, who reportedly complained of neck and back injuries. All injuries were reported as non-life threatening and an investigation is continuing to uncover what caused the crash.

Autopsy Results Returned for Westchester Woman who Died in Jail

A Westchester medical examiner’s office completed the autopsy for a woman who was found dead in her jail cell on Monday. 42-uyear old Raynette Turner was arrested on Saturday for shoplifting from a local food store and was taken to Mount Vernon Jail to wait for arraignment. Officials stated that on Sunday she began feeling ill, was taken to the hospital for treatment, and was later returned to the jail. On Monday she was found unresponsive in her cell and was pronounced dead. Family members and officials are seeking information on what caused the woman’s death, who they reported had health issues. According to officials in the Westchester County District Attorney’s office the autopsy was inconclusive and they are now waiting for toxicology and biological reports.

Group Rescued from Delaware River

A group of people required a water-rescue in Orange County on Wednesday morning. Officials reported that two boats flipped near the Pennsylvania border in Port Jervis, leaving the occupants, including four children and several adults, in the Delaware River. Emergency crews responded and successfully rescued all of the people, though the condition of those removed from the river have not been released. Witnesses states to News12 reporters on the scene that rescue trucks arrived and quickly worked to get each person out of the water.

East Ramapo Board Meeting Cancelled

As tensions grow between residents and the board in the East Ramapo School District, nearly 200 people arrived at the school board’s meeting on Tuesday night, a majority there to continue pushing for the resignation of Superintendent Joel Klein. At the time the meeting was set to begin, only four members of the board had arrived, leading to the anticipated meeting being cancelled. According to officials at least five members are needed to hold a meeting. Board President Yehuda Weissmandl apologized on Wednesday and stated that several members contacted the clerk last minute informing they could not attend. Seating was increased for the rise in attendees, though Weissmandl stated that the district is working to arrange holding the meetings in the gymnasium to accommodate everyone. Parents and activists have been protesting for months, at the meetings as well as at Klein’s home, after he made comments many found disrespectful toward the large Hispanic population in the Rockland district, which he has since apologized for.

Mahwah Police Searching for Man Who Stole ATM Money

Police in Mahwah, New Jersey are searching for a man who stole a bag of money containing $141,000 meant for ATM’s in the area, according to News12 New Jersey. The incident occurred on Monday morning when the employee handling the money left in the bag on a client’s front lawn on Industrial Avenue, it wasn’t until about 15 minutes later that the employees realized they had left the bag, when they returned to the site the bag was gone. The surveillance video shows a white van, possibly a GMC Savanna pulling up to the scene and taking the bag, where they then drove to a near by auto shop and stole used tires from a fenced in area. Police are also talking to other businesses in the area to see if there were possibly more thefts. The suspect is described as a dark-skinned male, wearing a white T-Shirt and shorts. Both employees were reportedly questioned and are cooperating with the investigation, and are not suspects at this time. Anyone with any information on this is asked to call Mahwah Detective Michael Grassi or Eric Larsen, at 201-529-1000, extension 216 or 217.

Officials Investigating Woman Found Dead in Mount Vernon Jail Cell

Mount Vernon officials and police held a conference on Tuesday, where they released what little information they have on the death of a 42-year old woman who was found dead in her jail cell at police headquarters on Monday. Raynette Turner, a mother of eight was arrested on Saturday for shoplifting from a Wholesale Food Store. Charged with petty larceny, she was held in the jail for arraignment on Monday afternoon. Police stated that on Sunday the woman began to feel ill and was taken to the hospital for treatment. She was returned to the jail and was found dead in her cell on Monday. Officials do not believe there was foul play involved but stated an autopsy is being completed to determine the cause of death, which remains unclear. Turner’s family stated she had health issues and depression, but are raising questions about the lack of information surrounding her death. State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s new task force for police-involved deaths has sent officials to investigate the circumstances, the terms of the newly organized team would allow them to investigate and prosecute police officers if found necessary.

Port Jervis Teacher Accused of Molesting Students

According to state police, an Orange County teacher was arrested following an investigation into claims of molestation. Police stated that Ashley Kaufman, an art teacher at Port Jervis High School was involved in an inappropriate relationship with a sixteen-year old former student, and police were notified after being tipped off by an unidentified person who had allegedly found out. School district officials are currently investigating the claim as well. According to police the sexual relationship began at the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, and occurred on and off school property. Kaufman was charged with forcible touching and endangering the welfare of a minor.

East Ramapo School District Overpaid Law Offices

According to a New York State Judge a Rockland County school district overpaid two of their law firms by $2 million. Officials stated that the East Ramapo School District sued New Schools Insurance Reciprocal for $2.2 million after a state judge ruled that they paid ten times the average hourly fee of $375 to both Bingham McCutchen and Proskauer Rose law offices, which represented members of the board on cases from 2012-2014. The district is often in fiscal crisis, and has been criticized for overspending on legal fees particularly, though Board President Yehuda Weissmandl stated that the board eventually made the decision to hire one firm to save money. Neither law firm commented on the active suit, and district officials stated that the details will be finalized soon.

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