Afternoon News Update

I’m Patrick Flood with your WRCR News, It’s Friday July 29th.

An investigation, headed by the Rockland County Sheriff’s Office has led to three arrests and the confiscation of $50,000 worth of counterfeit merchandise. Besides the Rockland County sheriff’s office, law enforcement officials from Orangetown, Haverstraw, and Ramapo have also assisted in the investigation. Sheriff Louis Falco of Rockland County told WRCR that he also credits Global Security and Investigative Services for their assistance. Sheriff Falco also expressed urgency in continuing the investigation and ensuring that local authorities do their due diligence in stopping the sale of counterfeit merchandise.

In Yorktown, police say a homeless man has been accused of attempting to use a stolen credit card to purchase jewelry. 23-year-old Rajeam Jackson was arrested by police after an investigation that began on June 3rd, when the card was reported stolen. Jackson was arraigned in Yorktown Town Court and is due to return on August 9th.

On Thursday in Tenafly, New Jersey an 8-year-old boy was pulled from the pool at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades. The boy, whose identity was not released, was in cardiac arrest and was given CPR for nearly 15 minutes before an ambulance was able to take him to Englewood Medical center. The boy’s status has not been released at this time, but he was transferred from Englewood to Hackensack University Medical Center last night.

The Boulders and the New Jersey Jackals were rained out yesterday. The Boulders will stay at Yogi Berra Stadium today to face the New Jersey Jackals in a doubleheader; Game time is scheduled for 5:05 pm.

Afternoon News Update

I’m Patrick Flood with your WRCR News, It’s Thursday July 28th.

A White Plains man has been convicted on charges stemming from an attempted murder last year. 38-year-old Bairon Llanos was found guilty on multiple charges including two counts of second degree attempted murder, after he stabbed his girlfriend multiple times and attacked the woman’s son. Both victims were able to recover from the attack, while Llanos faces up to 25 years in state prison.

A resident of Kearny, New Jersey was arrested Thursday after a 40 minute police chase that went through three different counties. 51-year-old Luis Garcia began to flee from police around 2 am this morning in Nutley and was eventually apprehended when he drove into a dead end street. Garcia is being charged with eluding authorities and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Wednesday night’s Powerball drawing came and went, as no one has yet to pick the winning numbers. It’s been nearly three months without a winner and the big prize has now jumped from 422 million dollars to 478 million dollars. The next drawing will take place this Saturday.

The Boulders played the Sussex County Miners again yesterday at Palisades Credit union Park and lost 9-3. Luis Sanz took the loss for Rockland, while Ryan Kulik got the win for Sussex. The Boulders will travel to Yogi Berra Stadium today to face the New Jersey Jackals; Game time is scheduled for 7:05 pm.

Afternoon News Update

I’m Patrick Flood with your WRCR News, It’s Wednesday July 27th.

Three people suspected of shooting and killing baseball prospect, Michael Nolan, have pleaded guilty today. 17-year-old Nashaun Hunter pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of first degree murder, while Tejmitra Singh and Darren Dawson pleaded guilty to first degree assault charges. The shooting occurred back in 2015.

Weehawken police are investigating a fatal motorcycle crash in the Lincoln Tunnel that brought morning traffic to a halt. Authorities say a 23-year-old female passenger from Brooklyn died in the accident, while the 35-year-old driver of the bike was injured in the crash. The cause of the accident has not yet been disclosed.

In Spring Valley on Tuesday, Fire Chief Ken Sohlman and other volunteers helped deliver a baby on the side of the street near 1 Union Road. Firefighters were cleaning a gasoline spill from a car’s ruptured tank, when a taxi cab pulled up and the driver told firefighters his passenger was in labor. The baby boy was born around 10:15 am and was taken, with his mother, to Nyack hospital.

The Rockland Boulders won 9-3 yesterday against the Sussex County Miners at Doubleday Field in Cooperstown, New York. Mike Adams got the win for Rockland, while Francisco Rodriguez took the loss for Sussex. The Boulders played the Sussex County Miners again today at Palisades Credit union Park and lost 9-3. The Boulders will travel to Yogi Berra Stadium tomorrow to face the New Jersey Jackals; Game time is scheduled for 7:05 pm.

Afternoon News Update

I’m Patrick Flood with your WRCR News, It’s Tuesday July 26th.

In Peekskill, more than 1,900 households were without electricity this morning after a night of power loss rocked the entire Lower Hudson Valley. Roughly 210 homes and businesses were without power in Rockland County, as Orange & Rockland Utilities worked tirelessly to fully restore power back to the area. At this point, electricity has mostly been restored to Peekskill and the rest of the Hudson Valley.

Rockland County’s water usage has yet to be effected by the restrictions instituted on the area last week. According to the Journal News, Rockland consumed 36.9 million gallons of water on the day the water emergency was issued; while the average water consumption for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday was 36.85 million gallons. Mandatory water restrictions include, but are not limited to, instructions on lawn watering and cleaning public sidewalks. A complete list of restrictions can be found on

Wednesday’s Powerball Jackpot has hit 422 million dollars after 3 months without a winner. If anyone picks the right five numbers and red Powerball number, they will become the first jackpot winner since May 7th. The 422 million dollar prize would rank as the country’s 11th largest.

The Rockland Boulders were off yesterday, but look to secure a victory today against the Sussex County Miners in Cooperstown, New York.

Afternoon News Update

I’m Patrick Flood with your WRCR News, It’s Monday July 25th.

This past weekend redefined the call to action, “click it, or ticket.” New York State Police issued over 50 tickets on Sunday in Yorktown. The crackdown happened between the hours of 9 am and 3 pm near FDR State Park. Of the 50 plus tickets issued, roughly 27 were for children who did not have their seat belts on.

As of Sunday, all lanes on the Tappan Zee Bridge are open. Six of the seven lanes were reopened on the day of the crane collapse, while the final lane remained closed due to structural damage. The crane collapse was blamed, on what workers are calling a sling shot effect that occurred when the hammer on the crane became stuck to the pile. The crane operator, who has nearly 30 years of experience, then attempted to pull the crane back up. Union officials say the crane operator was rattled by the accident.

In Totowa, New Jersey an off duty police officer was part of a group that saved an elderly man from drowning. The accident occurred around 2:45 pm at the town pool, when off duty officer Gary Bierach and a group of good Samaritans sprang into action. According to, Bierach was quoted saying he didn’t want to take all the credit for the save, and that he was only doing his job.

Over the weekend, the Rockland Boulders were able to take the two of three from the Ottawa Champions during the weekend series. The Boulders lost on Friday 10-4, but were able to take Saturday and Sunday’s contests 11-0 and 4-3, respectfully. The Boulders are off today, but will look to make it three in a row when they play the Sussex County Miners on Tuesday in Cooperstown, New York; Game time is scheduled for 1:00 pm.

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Afternoon News Update

A Yonkers man was found guilty on multiple felony charges, including two counts of first degree robbery and two counts of first degree assault. 30 year old Michael Thomas stabbed his 19 year old victim in the heart and stole his backpack, but luckily doctors were able to save the teenagers life. Thomas faces the maximum of 25 years in state prison, he’s scheduled to be sentenced on August 31st.

In Vernon, a black bear reportedly attacked a woman who was walking her dog outside of her home. At around 10 am on Monday morning, the Vernon resident saw a black bear with three cubs near her home. The black bear then charged the woman and knocked her down, but luckily a neighbor was there to scare the bear away. The woman was brought to the hospital with injuries she suffered in the fall. Authorities have yet to release the names of the people involved.

Haverstraw police are still searching for a man who robbed the Chase bank on Rosman Road. The man claimed to have a gun when he robbed the bank; however he never showed the gun to anybody at the bank. The Haverstraw Police Detective Division is currently investigating the situation. If you have any information on the situation, please call (845)-354-1500.

The Rockland Boulders lost to the Sussex County Miners 6-5 at Skylands Park yesterday. Mike Adams took the loss for Rockland, while Michael Suk earned the win for Sussex. The Boulders will look to get back on track tonight against the Ottawa Champions at Palisades Credit Union Park; game time is scheduled for 7:00 pm.

Afternoon News Update

A three alarm fire in Mount Vernon, which broke out around 5:30 pm on Wednesday, sent five people to the hospital. Firefighters responded quickly after they were called to the blaze that tore through the home in a densely populated section of Mount Vernon. Of the five people hospitalized, three were for smoke inhalation, while the other two were brought in for undisclosed injuries.

The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled unanimously on Wednesday that police officers can no longer pull over motorists for simply driving with their high beams on. Supporters of the court’s decision say this ruling enhances privacy rights and helps prevent unlawful vehicle stops by police. This decision does not change the law mandating drivers to lower their high beams for oncoming vehicles.

In Clarksboro, a woman who was playing the new Pokemon Go game was forced to call 9-11 after she got stuck in a tree. Firefighters were called to a cemetery on Tuesday night where they found the woman in a tree, with her smartphone in hand. Authorities did not release the woman’s name in an effort to save her from additional embarrassment.

The Rockland Boulders lost to the Sussex County Miners 10-2 at Palisades Credit Union Park yesterday. Luis Sanz took the loss for Rockland, while Francisco Rodriguez earned the win for Sussex. The Boulders will look to bounce back against the Miners at Skylands Park; game time is scheduled for 7:05 pm.

Afternoon News Update

The Tappan Zee Bridge is open this morning, after yesterday’s crane collapse which brought route 287 to a standstill. Six of the seven lanes are open at this point, however the far right hand north bound lane is still closed. Officials still advise commuters to take alternate routes if they can.

In Passaic New Jersey this morning, firefighters were able to put out a four alarm fire at an abandoned home on Lexington Avenue. Firefighters were called to the blaze at around 8:40 am and were able to get the fire under control by 10:20 am. Due to the house being abandoned, authorities are calling the blaze suspicious and continue to investigate the situation.

Concerns have been raised in response to plans, proposed by the U.S. Coast Guard, to establish 10 new anchorage locations in the Hudson River between Yonkers and Kingston. Local officials and environmental groups have stated that the new anchorage locations may cause damage to endangered species, as well as cause noise and light pollution to the various waterfront communities. The Coast Guard has stated that they will listen to public comments until September 7th.

Afternoon News Update

A 24-year-old Ossining man has been taken into custody after a 2 year investigation into a check forging operation. Police have stated that Devante Rainey is (quote) “a prolific check forger and we were drawn to him after some suspicious social media activity” (end quote). Rainey pleaded not guilty to a 27 count felony complaint, but was taken to Westchester County Jail following his arraignment. If Rainey is found guilty, he could face anywhere from two to seven years in prison.

A Yonkers man, who used a box cutter to slash a fellow student at Buffalo State College last year, was sentenced to six years in prison. Prosecutors say 23-year-old Mohamed Kaba started a fight with Tyrell Ganey outside of a student apartment complex, after which Kaba was immediately expelled. The jury who delivered the conviction, optioned to not give Kaba the maximum of 7 years in prison.

In Alpine New Jersey, a 24-year-old man was arrested after police discovered a connection between him and a motorcycle pursuit, which occurred on Route 9W in May. Police used cell phone information from 20-year-old Michael Morales, who was also eluding cops, to bring Rada in. Morales was brought into custody back in May, after pursuing authorities were able take down his license plate. Police have stated that Bryant Rada was charged with third-degree eluding.

Breaking News from the Tappan Zee Bridge. All lanes, in both directions, are closed as of now after a crane has collapsed on the bridge. At least two people have been reported injured, however this is a developing story. South Nyack police Chief Brent Newbury says he expects (quote) “a traffic nightmare.” (end quote)

The Rockland Boulders battled the Sussex County Miners today at Skylands Park, we’ll bring you updates on that game tomorrow. The Boulders will play the Sussex County Miners at home tomorrow; game time is scheduled for 11:00 am.

Breaking Traffic News

A crane has collapsed on the Tappan Zee bridge. The crane is crossing all lanes, in both directions, and has closed the bridge entirely. Avoid Route 287 near the Tappan Zee Bridge.

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