Close Ninth Inning: Boulder’s Keeping First Place in CanAm

Once again, a close game for the Boulders in Quebec.

In the ninth, the game was tied at 2 against the Capitales, but the Boulders made it happen, putting up 3 runs in the final inning and coming out victors in a 5-2 win.

Mike Gedman scored the first of the game-winning runs off a defensive error.  He was followed by and RBI single from centerfielder Donnie Webb and a RBI Double from second baseman Danny Bomback.

The Boulders have one more game against the Capitales before they head back home tomorrow to take on Trois Rivieres

County Legislature Votes Unanimously For Borrowing $60-Million

The Rockland County Legislature voted unanimouslay  in favor of borrowing up to $60-million to make sure the county has enough money to pay its bills.

In March, the county borrowed $45-million to pay its bills, indicating that the county’s budget deficit has now increased by at least $105-million dollars.  Currently Rockland’s deficit is estimated to be around $115-million dollars.

As of last night the county’s home-rule request that would allow it to borrow $96-million has been approved by the assembly, but the request did not make it to the senate floor.  Governor Andre Cuomo would also have to approve the measure.

East Ramapo School Budget Passes

The East Ramapo school district’s $209.5-million budget did pass last night and by a wide margin.

East Ramapo School District

East Ramapo School District

According to unofficial result announced by the district, the spending plan passed in a 4,050 to 2,238 vote.  The 2013-2014 spending plan will raise property taxes by 2.8-percent, down from 3.1-percent in the original plan.  The plan will also save the district $3-million with teachers opting for retirement incentives this spring.  It is anticipated that the retirement of more than 60 teachers, will help bring back programs that were cut and build a reserve fund.

With the state legislature still in session, special legislation is on the table for the East Ramapo School District that could advance $3.5-million in state lottery aid to the district to move forward.  The district plans to use the money to bring back cut staff and programs next year.


Boulders Take Back First Place in CanAm League



The Boulders are back in first place.  The game was as exciting as they come; a back and fourth battle for first place in the league.  The Boulders posted a lone run in the eighth to defeat the Quebec Capitales 7-6 on their field.  The Boulders will play their second game of the series tonight at 7 pm.  The Boulders return to Provident Bank Park Thursday for a five fame series against Trois Rivieres.

Suspicious Fire in Palisades Mall Parking Lot


Early Tuesday morning, Clarkstown Police were investigating a suspicious car fire in the parking lot of the Palisades Mall.

The blaze started at around 11:10 pm in a truck parked near the Target department store.  No one was injured but an American flag was burned.  West Nyack Fire Chief Brian Ulrich said the blaze started in the bed of the truck and that an American flag was burnt among other items.  It is not known if the flag was the first item ignited.

Investigators remained on the scene until 1 am.

Poultry Slaughter House Back on the Table

The chicken slaughter house is back on the table!  The New Square poultry processing plant may be smaller in size this time but it still holds the same concerns of odor, traffic and the potential for stressing the water and sewage systems.

Federal prosecutors shut down the Adir Plant a few years ago for selling uninspected meat and operating under unsanitary conditions.  The Rockland County Planning Department disapproved the first proposal by Adir Poultry  Inc in 2009 for over utilizing the designated property.

Now, Heritage Park Poultry Processing Plant has revised the proposal scaling back on the size and providing space for parking.

The Rockland County Planning Department has recommended 22 modifications to the plant proposal, which include obtaining permits from the county, state and federal agencies.  The department still believes that the estimated $3-million plat does not belong in a residential neighborhood.

Boulder’s Fall to The Jackals in Father’s Day Home Game

The Boulders fell behind early on in the game and weren’t able to overcome the New Jersey Jackals.  The Boulders lost to the Jackals 14-7.  The Boulders make their way back to Canada today to play the Quebec Capitales at 7 pm in a three game series.

Stony Point Man Hit and Killed By Train

A Stony Point man was killed as he was running near the tracks Friday morning.

Anthony Quevedo, 29, of Stony Point was struck by a train just North of East Railroad Avenue in West Haverstraw at around 11:46 am.

Witnesses say Quevedo was seen running near the tracks wearing headphones and apparently didn’t hear or ignored the horn from the train.

Police continue to investigate Quevedo’s death and believe the headphones may have been specially designed to cancel out background noise.

Police said he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Union Workers Protest Palisades Mall’s Choice of Out-of-State-Workers

On Saturday, several hundred union workers walked around the Palisades Mall in a silent protest.

The union workers wore bright neon yellow shirts that read “Shame on you Palisades Mall” in the front and “For Hiring Out-Of-State-Construction Workers” On the back. The Palisades Center is allegedly paying the out-of-state workers $13-25 an hour for tiling, without benefits.  The local union workers would get paid around $45 per hour for tiling with benefits.

Their silent protest which included the Rockland Building Trades and Laborers Local 745, Local 7 Tile, Marble and Terrazzo Union walked around the mall protesting that since the community spends their money at the mall, the money should stay in Rockland.

The Palisades Mall’s facelift comes as the Nanuet Mall rebuilds and looks to take on the megamall.  The renovation should be complete this fall.

Petition Pushes for Harsher Sentence for Monsey Drug Suspect

About 130 people from the Hasidic Community signed a petition urging Rockland County prosecutors to charge a Monsey man with selling drugs and include jail time.

The petition was organized on the website and features a photo of Shlomo Ettlinger with signatures signed by local residents of the Hasidic community and a dozen Rabbis.

Ettlinger was charged in April with Possessing 2 pounds of marijuana, 370 grams of hashish oil, a handgun with ammunition and $2,000.

District Attorney Thomas Zugibe said the petition would not influence how the case will be prosecuted.

Ettlinger, an ordained Rabbi has pled not guilty.  He is due back in Ramapo Town Court July 9.