Man Charged in Death of Nightclub Owner Christmas

In Mount Vernon The Mansion nightclub held a Christmas eve party that ended with two people being shot. At 4 a.m. on North Third Avenue the owner of the club 46 year-old O’Neill Bandoo was shot and killed and injured five others. Club security guards assisted police who were on patrol in the area. The Suspect, 39-year-old Errol Hillary was arraigned Monday for second-degree murder charge. Hillary, became angry as security guards removed him from the club. He pulled out his gun and started shooting. He has not entered a plea and will be back in court on Friday. Hillary has been free on a $200,000 bond six months ago after being charged with attempted murder in the Bronx. He is due in court on January 4 in that case. (Source: / Journal News)

Officer Given Summonses for Death of Student in September

The September accident on Route 202 that killed visiting Argentinian student 17 year old Marcos Tawil and seriously injured 19 year old David Malanado has come to a close. Off duty Peekskill police officer, 24-year-old Jonathan Mosquera, of Suffern, responsible for the accident has been issued four traffic summonses, including speeding and making an unsafe lane change, according to Ramapo police. The accident investigation team determined that Officer Mosquersa did not act criminally. There was a second driver in the accident Tzvi Hakakian who also received summonses and it was determined he also did not act criminally. Police Chief Brad Weidel told the Journal News that the District Attorney’s office concurred with the investigation’s conclusion. Weidel said, “What we have is a tragic loss of life and a serious injury.”

Delhomme Faces Allegations in 2017

Mayor Demeza Delhomme of Spring Valley will be facing a 2-year-old citizens’ legal action in 2017 seeking to oust him from office for allegations of malfesanace. The Supreme Court’s Appellate Division in Brooklyn has assigned retired jurist Nicholas Colabella to possibly hear testimony, issue a report and final recommendation. An appellate panel would then rule on the issue of whether Delhomme would retain his position as Mayor of Spring Valley. The attorney representing Delhomme, Kevin Conway, told the Journal News, “I think once he hears the context and who’s making the allegations, I think it all will be dismissed.” The legal action accuses Delhomme of misusing a village credit card and bridge pass, firing employees without following civil service regulations, religious discrimination, and taking actions without Board of Trustees’ approval, buying a new car with taxpayer money among other allegations. (Source: The Journal News)

Florida Man Charged with Gun Possession

56-year-old Glenn Ferro who was visiting New York over the holidays from Beverly Hills, Florida has been charged with possessing three handguns without a New York state pistol permit. Officers were called to a civil dispute in Chestnut Ridge on Saturday. New York does not honor permits from other states. Ferro now faces a felony charge of third-degree criminal possession of a weapon for carry a .9mm handgun and two revolvers. He was arraigned is being held in Rockland County jail in lieu of $50,000 bail. Next court appearance is Wednesday in Chestnut Ridge. (source: The Journal News)

OCADA First of Town Hall Meetings on Youth Drug Abuse

Our Community Against Drug Abuse is hosting a Town Hall Meeting on January 19th from 7-9 p.m. at the Nyack Seaport. The meeting titled A Perfect Storm is a conversation about battling misconceptions of underage drinking and substance use among youth. The Event is open to the public and free to everyone.. This will be the first in a series of town hall-style events planned for 2017. (Source: OCADA)

State Sweeps Underage Drinking

The state has announced that underage drinking sweeps conducted by DMV investigators in 2016 resulted in the seizure of over 862 fraudulent licenses and the arrest of over 818 individuals for underage drinking. Through the year-round Operation Prevent initiative, DMV investigators work with state and local law enforcement agencies to conduct underage drinking and fake ID sweeps at bars, restaurants and concert venues across New York. (Source: Governor’s Site)

Virtual Fire Training in January

The Division of Homeland Security and emergency Services Office of Fire Prevention and Control will be offering specialized virtual training exercises to fire officers across the state beginning in January. The course will teach fire officers, crew leaders in charge of teams of firefighters that are responding to an emergency situation, how to make split second decisions in a virtual environment, safely extinguish fires, safeguard property and save lives. This 12-hour Tactical Fire Simulations Course will be held at the state’s Academy of Fire Science in Montour Falls in Schuyler County for more information visit:  (Source: Governor’s Site)

Tentative Contract State and BPA

The state and New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association President Michael Powers announced yesterday a tentative contract agreement between the State and the labor union representing over 20,000 employees in the Security Services Unit that provide for the safety and security of correctional facilities, mental hygiene facilities and many other State agencies. (Source: Journal News)

Cuomo Urged to Sign Indigent Bill

Mid-Hudson News is reporting that top county officials of the state have been urging Governor Cuomo to sign legislation on his desk that would have the state pick up the cost of indigent defense attorneys. Right now, each county must pick up the tab. County officials argue that since it is required of the counties to pay for legal representation for those who cannot afford it , the state should pay for it. Cuomo said Wednesday that he is considering it. He said, “The question on the indigent defense is just a financial question; we are reviewing it now. But, it is being done outside the budget context and it is a very expensive bill for the state and would have a significant impact on the budget. But, we are reviewing that.” (Source:

Carlucci Petitions for Veterans Bus Service

State Senator David Carlucci has launched a petition calling on the US Department of Veterans’ Affairs to review its decision to eliminate shuttle service for veterans on January 30. The service departs New City Community clinic and takes veterans to VA hospitals in the region including Montrose and Castle Point facilities. In just 24 hours, approximately 500 people signed the senator’s petition. (Source:

Snow Closings Updated Regularly

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