Hi Tor List of Adoptable Pets 4/18/19

We are pleased to announce last week, Chaos, Prime, Puff, Belle, Mya, Misha, Bertha and Snowball were all adopted!!

Meet Lucky, he hasn’t been so lucky recently. He is a 3-year-old Wheaten Terrier that was surrendered to Hi Tor a few weeks ago because he was not getting along with the young kids in the house. He is not typical of the dogs we usually get at the shelter. He is very sweet but is so scared with all the big dogs around. Like most Wheatens, he has skin allergies, so he needs to be on special food for rest of his life. When he was first posted he was shared all over and everyone wanted him, unfortunately no one ever came for him. Because of the circumstances surrounding why he was surrendered, he should probably only live with teenagers and adults. Wheaten experience would be preferred. He does get along with other calm dogs his size and doesn’t seem to mind cats.

Let us introduce you to Pebbles and Max. Pebbles is an 8-year-old female Staffie mix and Max is an 8-year-old Bulldog mix. Pebbles and Max have lived their entire lives together and were surrendered together. Sadly, these senior pups have now been at the shelter for six months. We would love if these two could be adopted as a pair, but it may be time for us to try to find them their own homes. Max is a goofy calm boy who keeps his Pebbles comfortable and grounded. Pebbles seems to like her canine bestie Max, but not other canines so much. These two are a lovely pair and they enjoy human companionship. If you are interested in this perfect pair, please fill out an adoption application and visit Hi Tor.

We promise you will adore Storm. She is a two-year-old Boston terrier/pit mix. She was brought to Hi Tor from a very kind vet. She had a common infection and had not been spayed. Her former owner decided there was something wrong with her and no longer wanted to keep her. It has taken some time for her to adjust to the shelter. She was not used to walking on the leash and liked to run after anything furry so at this point she cannot live with other pets. Storm would benefit from an experienced dog owner and someone who wants to stay active with her. Storm completed her 70th mile yesterday running with her Hi Tor Dog Trotters partner. She is super affectionate and loves sitting next to her favorite people. Oh yeah, and she give lots of kisses. Email Doug@hitor.org for information on Lucky, Max, Pebbles or Storm.

Missy is a very special cat. She just recently came to the shelter as part of a hoarding situation. She is 11 years young and is so full of life. She’s had a rough life but we want to change that for her. Missy is not on any medications or special diets like most seniors her age. She is playful and would make a great companion cat. She is friendly, calm and social, so with the proper introduction she could live with another cat. For more information on Missy email Amber@hitor.org.

Little Bella the bunny needs a new home. Her owners, due to a change in circumstances, are not home enough to give her the attention she needs. All of Hi Tor’s bunnies stay in a foster home until they are adopted because it’s best for the bunnies. Can you help us out and give Bella a place where she can get some love and attention until we find her forever home? Or maybe you have enough room in your house to be her forever home? Please email us at Hitorbunnytrail@gmail.com.

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