Rockland’s Legislature Passes Amended Budget, County Executive Blasts Addition to Spending Plan

The Rockland County legislature narrowly passed its amended version of the 2019 budget Tuesday night, but it’s already drawn criticism from the county executive. The legislature voted 10-7 on its amended spending plan, which they say remains under the state tax cap and leaves the property tax increase at 2.9 percent. They also added $3.5 million to a reserve fund to help with employee union contract settlements, $2 million more than the county executive budgeted. The legislature says it’ll use the money that will be forfeited by the would-be buyer of the Summit Park Nursing Home, but Rockland County Executive Ed Day says that money doesn’t exist yet…

Audio: Ed Day

In a press release, the Legislature said its fiscal consultant was of the opinion that that those funds could be used for budget purposes. The budget vote went along party lines – 10 Democrats voted for it; the “thumbs-down” came from six Republicans and one legislator with no party affiliation. It goes back to the County Executive, who can accept the entire amended budget, reject some or all of it with his line-item veto power, or take no action, which is the same as approving it. The Legislature would then have until December 20th to override any vetoes with a two-thirds vote or else the amended version with the County Executive’s vetoes becomes the budget.

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