Hi Tor List of Adoptable Pets 9/13/18

This sweet sensitive girl is Dakota. She is about 4 1/2 years old and was surrendered by her owner after it was determined she had too many dogs. She is quite scared and learning how to get used to shelter life, which is not an easy task for this sweet girl. Dakota wants to be an only dog. She is timid at first but, comes out of her shell when she gets comfortable with her people. She is not doing well with the stress of the shelter and needs to find a forever home soon.

Remy can work a crowd, for sure. She is almost two years old and is available for adoption. This gorgeous brindle baby is active and friendly. Her favorite thing to do at the shelter is visit adoption events to meet and greet any human who will be her new friend! She’s friendly around new people. Everyone who handles her describes her as sweet. Remy is working on her basic commands. She knows sit and is beginning to learn down and stay. She would prefer to be the only fur-kid and live in the company of adult sized people. For further information on Remy, please contact Hi Tor at (845)354-7900.

Welcome back Coco! Does anyone remember the stray rabbit rescued by caring residents in Pearl River? This young boy spent his summer brightening the days of many children at a local camp. Coco lived in a large enclosure in a nature center, and was moved into the office when temps were over 80 degrees. He was able to romp around all day interacting with the campers. The counselors referred to Coco as more of a puppy dog. He loves people! Coco needs a temporary foster home while he waits for his forever family. If you are able to foster or are interested in adopting Coco please send an email to Hitorbunnytrail@gmail.com.

Pumpkin Pie is an 8-week-old female kitten who is currently in foster care. She is one of the five kittens in the “dessert” litter. Pumpkin Pie was born to a feral mom in someone’s yard, brought to Hi Tor at about 6 weeks of age, and placed in foster care that same day. All five kittens were inquisitive and sociable from the very beginning. Happy and playful and very pleased with the food! This little one was the first one out of the carrier, walking directly to the foster family for attention and cuddles. She is a very pretty 8-week-old short hair brown tabby girl, some white on her chest and legs, with petite features and huge eyes. If she was a human, she would have a job in marketing. She is the first one to greet people, walk with them in the house, and sit with them while they visit. And if they want to share a snack with her—well that would be great too! And maybe a tummy rubs if they weren’t too busy. Pumpkin Pie would be a great choice as a companion or in a house with kids that wants an easy, affectionate kitten. She is known for her fierce take downs of toys but when she is done playing she is as sweet as her name. If you want even more action and sweetness check out her siblings Eclair, Tiramisu, Cheesecake and Cannoli.

His name is Cannoli and, in his picture, He is guarding his foster Dad’s backpack. Nobody’s taking it and he’s not going anywhere without Little Cannoli! He is just that kind of kitten. Fluffy too—just right for petting. Cannoli is the only black and white one in the litter of tabbies and has medium length hair with just a bit of white in rings around his neck and back. Cannoli is very much a lap kitten and wants to be with his people. He would be a great choice for kids or someone who wants a companion. He is living in a foster home and can easily be brought to Hi Tor for a visit.

Cheesecake is a brown and black tabby with small white socks and the biggest eyes. Such a pretty little girl! You know that song “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”? Well, that’s her song since she really must come be with you no matter what you’re doing. And she’s so sweet you can’t help but stop and cuddle her. She sits on her foster mom’s lap every morning for breakfast, and they read the paper together. Contact Hi Tor if you’d like company for breakfast too. Is this the kind of cat you want? She’s a sweetie who is NOT allowed on the table but insists on cuddling next to you while you work. She and her siblings were dropped off at the shelter and have been leading happy healthy kitten lives in a foster home. To adopt any of them call Hi Tor at (845) 354-7900 to arrange a visit at their foster home.

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