Town and County to Restore Cropsey Barn (audio)

Rockland County and Clarkstown are spending $1 million to restore the Cropsey barn, where the Farm Alliance is getting ready for harvest season. The Legislature approved the funding earlier this month and the County Executive signed it. The town of Clarkstown is picking up the tab for 39% of the project. Legislator Harriet Cornell says the restoration project that will keep the farm operating as a farm should begin early next year…

Audio clip: Harriet Cornell

County Executive Ed Day said Jim and Pat Cropsey preferred to have their land preserved as open space rather than sell it to developers for much more money…

Audio clip: Ed Day

The county and Clarkstown bought the property from the Cropseys over a decade ago for $6.5 million. The New York Agricultural society estimates 23% of the State’s land area, or 7 million acres, is used by 36,000 farms.

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