Senator Carlucci Proposes Tax Credit for Commuters

Senator David Carlucci is looking to reduce taxes for commuters in the Lower Hudson Valley, through a proposed plan that would make them eligible for $250 in tax credit. According to Carlucci New York State has the nation’s highest tolls and he will be working with other legislators to set up details, such as who would be eligible, minimum toll thresholds, and how much money it would cost the state, in hopes that the bill will be ready for next year’s budget. According to The Journal News, commuters with the Tappan Zee commuter plan pay $60 a month, or $720 a year, and that is expected to rise. Carlucci’s proposed plan would give the 22,000 people signed up a thirty-five percent tax break. The Port Authority recently approved a rise in bridge and tunnel tolls for 2015, according to John Corlett, Chairman of the Legislative Committee for AAA New York State, the proposal is a worthy idea that would provide relief for a majority of the lower Hudson Valley commuters, who can spend up to $2,500 a year. Executive Director of the Tristate Transportation campaign, Veronica Vanterpool, stated that state officials should be looking for ways to improve transit, such as added bus services, not “Using state funds for toll tax breaks.”

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