Taxes Will Raise 11 Percent With 2014 Budget

The Rockland County Legislature voted 11-6 to adopt County Executive Scott Vanderhoef’s recently amend budget proposal which restored six positions that had been terminated and the creation of a labor relations position that will be filled by the current County Attorney, Jeffrey Fortunato, and will pay nearly $100,000 a year. The amendment will also increase the salary of the Real Property Tax officer by $20,900, the position is held by Vanderhoef’s Chief of Staff Sean Matthews, and according to Vanderhoef the raise will mean that the salary is closer to what Westchester and Orange Counties pay the position. These increases mean that the estimated 9.9 percent for residents will be closer to 11 percent. County Executive elect Ed Day voted against the veto to raise Matthews’ salary, but agreed with the creation of a labor relations post, stating that his focus for 2014 is to create smoother government operations. Day supported the creation of new jobs, including the labor relations post, an assistant facilities director, a Spansih- speaking Probation Department employee, and stated that if it doesn’t work out the position of labor relations may need to be terminated, though Fortunato’s experience could prove to be helpful working with the county’s unions. Legislator Alden Wolfe, who is soon going to replace Legislator Harriet Cornell as the chair of the board, stated that he voted to override all of the vetoes proposed by the County Executive because of the recommendations made by the New York State Comptroller’s office, and the review completed by the board.

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