Spring Valley Mayor Fires Assistant Fire Inspector

Spring Valley Mayor Demeza Delhomme signed a letter of dismissal for Assistant Fire Inspector Frank Youngman on Friday, following the announcement that his policy prohibiting volunteer firefighters who work for the village from responding to calls during the work day is still active. On Wednesday Youngman stated that the mayor has not given an explanation as to why he was terminated from the position, which pays $21.38 an hour for a seventeen- hour work week and has reportedly brought the village thousands of dollars in revenue since he was hired in 2011. Youngman stated that he is communicating with his union and village attorney Jerrod Miles to uncover the cause of his termination and if there is anything that can be done. Several trustees raised concerns at a meeting Tuesday, stating that there seems to be no clear reason for Youngman to have been fired and questioning the legality of the process. In the letter of dismissal the mayor states, “Effective immediately, your employment with the village of Spring Valley is terminated. Please provide the village clerk with your keys, badge, and any other items that are village property.” According to new trustee Emilia White she and trustees Anthony Leon and Vilair Fonvil raised questions about why the board was not voting on the decision. White stated, “The mayor said he does the hiring and firing. He keeps reminding people of that and that he’s the mayor. Mr. Youngman’s case should be brought before the board for a vote.” During Tuesday’s meeting police were called to control the room of shouting village board members and reportedly Delhomme requested that Leon be arrested. White stated that though the case is unfair to Youngman there is also the issue that the village’s Building Department is understaffed and Youngman knows the pressing situations involving illegal housing and unhealthy living conditions, without his experience it creates a larger problem.

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