County Executive Vetoes Parts of 2014 Budget

County Executive Scott Vanderhoef released a list of sixteen changes that he would like to see made to the newly adopted budget plan for 2014. The vetoes include reinstating positions that were removed on the budget, which would increase the county’s spending by $873,000 for 2014. According to the head of the Legislature’s Budget and Finance Committee, Michael Grant, his first reaction would be to override the County Executive’s vetoes, which the Legislature can do by majority vote until Friday, but he has not had enough time to have a decision before Tuesday’s meeting. Vanderhoef wants to restore six positions at the Summit Park Hospital, including a head nurse to organize care for inmates at the County Jail that pays $76,846, and a hospital administrator specializing in public relations and marketing that would pay $73,110. Vanderhoef also wants to restore six other positions within the county, including a labor relations administrator, three positions in the Department of General Services, and a confidential intelligence assistant at the Sheriff’s office. He is also looking to reinstate the original salary of the Real Property Services Director, which was cut from $105,900 to $85,000.

Snow Closings Updated Regularly

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