Review of 2014 Budget Plan Continues

Rockland County Legislative Budget and Finance Chairman Michael Grant stated at a Legislature meeting Tuesday that the proposed 2014 budget plan has lines repeated from the 2013 budget plan being considered as revenue. According to Grant 2 million dollars of a 5 million dollar bond was used last year for tax settlements and the remaining 3 million dollars were listed as revenue for 2014, when it should have been listed in reserves for debt, which means the 7 million dollar budget plan is losing 3 million. The proposal also states that 14 million dollars will be received through the county’s residential energy use tax, but the amount is closer to 11 million due to exemptions for residents who use alternate energy sources or receive utilities through other companies besides Orange and Rockland. Grant stated that the county’s auditor recommended that the county set aside 2 million dollars for unpaid taxes, though according to him the money has not been set aside in the budget. The Budget and Finance Committee has been reviewing the proposal since its submission on October 24 and will continue to review it until the Legislature votes on approval December 5.

Snow Closings Updated Regularly

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