Undercover Investigation Leads to Cocaine Bust

A six- month long undercover drug investigation by the Rockland County Drug Task Force in Hillburn and Mawhah led to the arrest of twenty-two people, including an ex- Orangetown police officer. Officials stated that the distribution ring was responsible for transporting into Rockland County between 350 and 400 grams of cocaine per week. 45- year old Ennio Munno, of Tappan, resigned from the Orangetown Police Department in 2006 when he was accused of inappropriate sexual contact against a woman while on duty. Munno was charged with four Federal counts of selling and possessing cocaine and conspiracy. According to Rockland County District Attorney, Thomas Zugibe, Munno and the other suspects face charges of selling cocaine and other drugs to the undercover officers. Christopher Goldrick, the director of the drug task force stated that the major suppliers, two brothers from Jersey City and Manhattan, sold $30,000 worth of cocaine to Rockland County per month and authorities identified Peter Bowen of Hillburn as the main distributor of the ring.

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