County Executive Elect Day Proposes Salary Cut

Republican Legislator Ed Day, who was elected as the new County Executive on Tuesday, released a plan to the Legislature on Wednesday to cut elected officials’ salaries by ten percent. According to the plan Day is looking to cut the salaries of all officials, though much of the Legislature stated that there was no immediate need for the measure and felt that Day should put the proposal through the Budget and Finance Committee before the board makes a decision on it. After the meeting Day pulled his proposal and stated that he would work on the language and resubmit it, maybe as a part of the 2014 budget plan. According to Day he wanted to take action as soon as possible because the salary cannot be changed once an elected official starts a new term, which will begin January 1. Currently the yearly salary for the County Executive is $155,087, which would drop to $139,579. E. Day As a part of the plan received by the Legislature Wednesday, County Clerk Paul Piperato would be included in the salary cut decision, his current salary of $132,000 a year would be decreased to $118,834 dollars.

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