Storm Preparation For The Anniversary of Sandy

As the anniversary of Superstorm Sandy approaches, many residents of the Lower Hudson Valley are faced with memories and fears of the damage caused to homes and their communities. Over the past year homeowners and businesses have been preparing for the next potential storm, buying generators, flood insurance, disaster kits, and backup systems for computers and phones. According to the Journal News Clarkstown Heating and Air Conditioning installed over 75 natural- gas powered generators since Sandy. Before the storm the company installed about two or three generators a year. The growth for generator manufacturers could be owed to the week and a half of no power that many homes and local businesses suffered from. According to Senator Charles Schumer New York State has been granted 6.3 billion dollars in storm aid for 2014. On Sunday Senator Schumer stated that 1.4 billion from the Community Development Block Grant would go directly to homeowners, 2.5 billion from the Federal Emergency Management Agency will go to communities throughout New York for long term storm protection projects and for reimbursement for repairs already completed in the last year. 1.5 billion is expected for storm- related transportation projects and 207 million dollars will go to the Department of Veterans Affairs Hospital in Manhattan.

Snow Closings Updated Regularly

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