Endorsements and Accusations In County Executive Race

With just under two weeks left until the general election candidates for the County Executive race are racking up the endorsements and pushing their plans for Rockland County. On Thursday former Republican Sheriff James Kralik released that he would be supporting Democratic candidate David Fried, stating that Republican Ed Day was acting on misleading campaign tactics.

David Fried Facebook

David Fried Facebook

Day is standing behind his statement that Fried accepted a patronage job from the Sheriff’s Department in 2007, which according to Day was created so that Sheriff’s Deputy Jacques Michel could get a spot on the Rockland County Legislature. Kralik stated that there was a job created, which he was hoping Fried would be hired for because his connections to Federal Government would help the department gain more grants. According to Kralik the job paid $65,000, but no deal was made to ensure that Fried got the position. Kralik also stated, “Ed Day didn’t mention that he subsequently sought his own job in the sheriff’s office, which would have paid over $100,000 a year.” Day commented to WRCR that former Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski Sr. had come to him regarding a position in 2003, but the conversation went no further as Day accepted a position as Chief of Detectives in Baltimore that year. E. DayDay criticized Fried for hosting former President Bill Clinton on Monday, the night after the anniversary of the death of two Nyack Police Officers and a Brinks security guard in 1981, stating that the timing and the fact that Clinton pardoned two of the women involved in the robbery was disrespectful. Kralik accused Day of using the situation to his advantage, stating, “It’s using a memory of great despair for the police service in Rockland County and it’s using it totally incorrectly.” Day recently received the endorsement of the Rockland and Clarkstown PBA’s.

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