Congresswoman Nita Lowey Holds Press Conference On Government Shutdown

Congresswoman Nita Lowey held a press conference Monday afternoon to discuss how the ongoing government shutdown is affecting local businesses in Rockland County and the rest of the Hudson Valley. The conference was held at the Protein Sciences facility in Pearl River, where they are developing new flu vaccines for use by Americans over the age of fifty. Due to the shutdown these developments are facing delays in approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. According to the news release, these delays mean that the vaccine might not be ready for next year’s flu season. Lowey stated at the conference that earlier in the day she had met with federal workers who have been furloughed earlier in the day and urged the Republican and Democratic party members in Washington to work together to end the reckless shutdown, stating to WRCR, “When you have companies who have to furlough people, they may be getting a check reimbursement, but a lot of people are living day to day. If they can’t go to the supermarket, or to the store to get their child an extra shirt, it affects all the community stores. This affects people In Rockland and the whole Hudson Valley on mortgages and interest rates, which will rise.” According to Lowey, the Small Business Administration provided about 3.7 million dollars in loan guarantees to business in New York State, though now those loans are on hold as well.

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