Issues Faced At County Executive Debate

The Democratic and Republican County Executive candidates met Thursday night to debate their views on the county. During the two- hour debate, agreements and disagreements arose. Democrat David Fried and Republican Ed Day both agreed to the opposition of putting the costs of election and college reimbursement on the towns. Both questioned the county’s need for additional water sources, stating that they oppose United Water New York’s proposed treatment plant. Both also agreed that the county is in need of financial changes. Day stated that as County Executive, there is a responsibility to residents to make sure that money is spent properly, while Fried stated that the issue of financial stress falls with the members of the County Legislature. He stated that in order to solve the problems parties, Legislature, and the County Executive would have to work together instead of just raising more issues with each other. Day’s campaign manager, Chris Day sent out a media release stating that fried disenfranchised voters by accepting the working families and independence lines after Ilan Schoenberger dropped out of the race in September. Fried stated that the email was similar to the recent mailings that “attack” the Democratic candidate. Day stated just because the decision to accept the lines is “legal does not make it right.”

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