Police Identify Train Victim as Nanuet Man

Police have identified the victim of Thursday’s train accident as Nanuet resident, 32- year old Richard Little. According to police, witnesses stated that they saw the man walking down the middle of the tracks with his back to the train. Little was unable to hear when the conductor sounded the horn, as he was wearing headphones and texting. The Nanuet native was struck by the New Jersey Transit train, that was headed East, carrying commuters to Hoboken, NJ, near the intersection of New Clarkstown Road around 8:00 AM Thursday morning. According to police, Little was pronounced dead when the Nanuet Community Ambulances Arrived at the scene. Officials on the scene also stated that one of the first responders was Robert Little, the victim’s father. The elder Little apparently did not know what to expect when he arrived, but when members of the unit identified the victim as his son he was removed from the scene. Blauvelt Assistant Fire Chief, David Schnitzer, stated that, sadly, when responding to calls there is always a chance that it could be a family member, friend, or neighbor and when it does happen, the team does what they can to get that person away from the scene as fast as possible. In 2009, Senator Chuck Schumer requested that New Jersey Transit take caution on the stretch of track that connects Spring Valley to Nanuet. The railroad also installed fencing along Route 59, where people had been entering the tracks.

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