Spring Valley Judge Speaks Out On 2009 Fried Campaign Donations

According to a media release from Republican Candidate for County Executive Ed Day, Spring Valley Judge Alan Simon, stated that Democratic Candidate David Fried, did in fact accept donations for his 2009 judicial campaign, of about $600 worth of office space from Joseph Klein, a landlord who has been convicted of multiple housing violations throughout Rockland County. In a press release Monday Fried stated that he had no knowledge of who the donations came from until after he was on the bench, and there was no way that he could have known because the state court system does not allow candidates to personally accept contributions, they have to go through a committee that the candidate’s campaign sets up. Day’s statement includes Judge Simon’s recount of working with Fried during his 2009 campaign. Simon stated that during the campaign, he was contacted by Fried, who informed him that someone had donated office space and invited Simon to share. According to Simon, when he arrived at the offices he told Fried that he recognized them as belonging to empire management, who according to campaign records is listed as the contributor. Though Joseph Klein’s name does not appear in the records, empire management is the name of his firm. Simon stated, “I informed David that I was not going to be a part of this arrangement and told him directly that accepting this office space would be highly improper.” On Tuesday Fried stood by his statements made Monday, that he did not know who provided the donation at the time, and that what Judge Simons said is, “a baseless accusation by a disgruntled judge who is under an ethics investigation by the state.” According to Fried he testified against Simon in the referred to investigation. Simon stated that Theodore Collins, an active member of the Democratic Party, witnessed the conversation, though when questioned Collins stated, “I definitely do not remember that conversation taking place.” Fried reported Simon to the State Commission on Judicial Conduct because he is not permitted to involve himself in campaigns.

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