County Legislator Ed Day Questions UWNY Turbidity Notices

County Legislator and Republican Candidate for County Executive, Ed Day, has requested a meeting to discuss the recent levels of turbidity in the water provided too much of Rockland County by United Water New York’s Lake DeForest Treatment Plant. According to a press release from the legislature department, day is looking for answers as to why the company failed to alert their thousands of costumers in a timely manner, which they are required to do by New York State Sanitary Code. Turbidity was found continuously through the month of July starting the tenth, through testing done by United Water, though costumers were not alerted until august 16. According to the company the cloudiness was caused by the high heat, which intensified already present low levels of oxygen and high levels of algae and manganese. County Commissioner of Health Patricia Ruppert stated that the turbidity did not reach dangerous levels, and turbidity can mean the presence of disease causing bacteria, and causes concern for those with already compromised immune systems. Day stated in the release that he would like to learn more about turbidity and especially find out why the company failed to notify the public within the thirty- day period. Legislator day will be at an upcoming Environmental Committee Meeting, which will be open to the public, and will be located at the Rockland County office building, 11 New Hempstead Road in New City.

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