New City Man Charged With Bribery

A 42- year old man from New City plead guilty to counts of bribe receiving Tuesday, after being arrested on charges of third- degree bribe receiving, second- degree receiving rewards for official misconduct, and second- degree falsifying business records. Hulen Ginn, a former drug counselor for the Education and Assistance Corp., is accused of accepting between 500 and 2000 dollars in exchange for referring addicts to the Rockland County Road to Recovery Drug Treatment Alternatives to Prison program, as well as soliciting sex from women within the program. Ginn was fired from his position within the company in November of 2012, and was arrested a few weeks later. He is facing two to six years in prison and will receive his sentence in court on November 12. Ginn accepted all bribes and sexual favors from his office at the Rockland County District Attorney’s offices. District attorney Thomas Zugibe stated about the situation that the guilty plea assures that Ginn faces some accountability for taking advantage of members of the drug treatment program.

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