Illegal Housing Problems Still Alive In Rockland

An illegally renovated home was discovered Tuesday night by the Spring Valley Fire Department when they responded to an alarm. The building is owned by East Ramapo Board of Education President, Yehuda Weissmandl’s company prestige builders of new square. Assistant fire inspector frank Youngman inspected the building and said that there were illegal additions added to the basement and second floor. The house had seven rooms in all, each with different locks on them. The property manager, Jonathan Weiss stated that he was unaware of the additions that he said tenants had put up and Youngman gave him until September 12 to fix the illegal problems. According to weiss the townhouse produces 2,200 a month, but Youngman said that the tenants told him they pay $600 per room and Weiss was aware of the additions. Chief Building Inspector, Walter Booker, said that the owner of the building will face violations of construction without a permit, occupancy of uninhabitable space, and occupancy without a certificate for the added rooms. Youngman also issued summons for no working smoke detectors, though Weiss said that the contract states that tenants are responsible for the detectors.

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