Brega Employees Donate To Schoenberger Campaign

According to records of state campaign finance reviewed by the Journal News, nine separate people donated $36,000 to the campaign of Democratic candidate for County Executive Ilan Schoenberger in April. Each individual donated 4 thousand dollars under their own name but are associated with the owner of Brega DOT Maintenance Corp., Richard Brega, who was attempting to gain a contract for the bus company with the county worth 70 million dollars. According to the New York State Board of Elections, the limit for corporation contributions is $5,000 yearly. Brega’s company has donated $2,550, well under the limit, to four candidates in the past year, including 900 to Republican candidate for County Executive Ed Day, and 800 to Republican Legislator Frank Sparaco, who was one of the lawmakers that supported Brega in the fight for the five- year bus contract. The recent 36,000 represents 31 percent of the $116,000 that Schoenberger’s campaign has received since January. John Conklin, with the State Board of Elections, stated that if someone decides to file a complaint about any donations related to candidacies, the state board would review the financial records to determine criminality, if so, the District Attorney would take over the case. According to Richard Briffault, a professor at Columbia Law School, in most states it would be illegal if employees were coerced to donate or paid back by the employee, who’s company may stand to benefit from supporting a candidate, though large contributions made by individuals does not prove illegality. Schoenberger stated that he is thankful to all of his supporters, whether they donate a little, a lot, or just help work to get him into office.

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