United Water Public Hearings To Take Place

The State Public Service Commission stated Friday that it will continue reviewing United Water’s proposed treatment plant so that a decision can be made whether the plant is really needed to provide Rockland County with long term water. The commission asked the company for more information on the plant, to be built in Haverstraw, and requested that the new report be turned over by today. According to Michael Pointing, Vice President of United Water New York, previous studies have shown that slowing the building of the plant will only hurt Rockland, because by 2015 there will be a significant need for more water. Many people are questioning whether the water treatment plant is needed, including some in the Rockland Water Coalition, due to a study of the aquifers throughout the county, which resulted in showing that the groundwater might be enough to sustain the county. United Water has completed studies on the plant and the river, spending over 50 million dollars. The company increased rates in 2006 and the building of this plant means that rates will increase once again. The hearings will take place September 9th at Clarkstown High School and September 10th at Haverstraw Elementary School.

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