Questions Surrounding Hudson Boat Accident

The families of victims of the boat crash on the Hudson are planning to work together to speak with the media about what they believe to have caused the fatal accident. According to Walter Kosik, stepfather of victim Lindsey Stewart, none of the six passengers could see the barge that the 19- foot powerboat, piloted by Jojo K. John, crashed into. The families were deeply upset by accusations that the occupants of the boat were intoxicated. Based on information given by survivor Brian Bond, each passenger had about one or two drinks, not enough to be drunk or impaired. Though the Coast Guard was adamant that the construction barge was properly lit, Kosik said that it was hard to see at night, especially due to the glare that came off the water from the lights on the bridge. Dan Weiller, a spokesman for the New York State Thruway Authority stated that Governor Cuomo added additional lighting to the barge and all other equipment in the area the day after the accident. Thruway and government officials want to make sure that accidents like this no longer happen on the Hudson. The names of the two other survivors from the crash were released Tuesday, both friends of John, who met them in the banking field in which he works the first is John Schumacher, 44, vice president of a chase branch in Orangeburg; the other Daniel Dilorgi, 28, who works at MetLife Financial Solutions in Valley Cottage. Dilorgi was the first victim released from the hospital, suffering from minor injuries. Schumacher is in recovery for surgery he went through Tuesday. Brian Bond, Lindsey Stewart’s fiancé, was released yesterday, after having surgery for injuries to his face on Monday. John was charged with one count of Vehicular Homicide, multiple charges of Vehicular Assault, and is awaiting charges in connection with victim Mark Lennon’s death.

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