Beat the Heat

The County of Rockland Department of Health has released a list of cooling centers in the county and tips on how to keep yourself and your family cool with these rising temperatures. Please remember to never leave children, pets, or those with special needs in a parked car; temperatures can become dangerous within minutes. Use air- conditioning or visit your local cooling center. If you do not have access to an air- conditioner open windows and shades on the shady side of your home and close them on the sunny side. Fans should only be used with air- conditioners or open windows. Make sure to stay hydrated and avoid alcohol, caffeine and sugary drinks. Take cold showers and baths to stay cool. Avoid strenuous activities between 11am and4pm and take frequent breaks if working outdoors. Wear loose, lightweight, light colored clothing. Wear a hat and sunscreen, even when it is cloudy to avoid sunburn and sun poisoning. And please be a good neighbor. Check on elderly or poor health members of your community to make sure that they are ok in the heat.
For more information and tips visit And look for the list of cooling centers nearest you at our website here-

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