GOP Press Conference Focuses On Clarkstown Corruption

County Legislator Frank Sparaco released footage yesterday at a press conference at the G.O.P. headquarters in New City. The video includes clips from a meeting between himself, Clarkstown Councilman Frank Borelli, the Democratic Party Attorney Larry Weissman, and the candidate for Clarkstown Highway Supervisor, Dennis Malone. In the video Sparaco is offered by Borelli and Weissman a $30,000 and access to vacation homes in Florida or the Jersey Shore if he would choose to drop out of the Independence Primary, expressing support for Malone, instead of fellow Republican Wayne Ballard, in the race for Highway Superintendent. Sparaco filmed a total of five meetings, equaling out to eight hours. The tapes were turned into the F.B.I. and edited down to 40 minutes and 44 seconds for the purpose of the conference. Frank Borelli stated that Sparaco’s footage was edited to show him in a bad light and that Sparaco himself gained his position through political clout. Malone and Borelli said that they will both be filing a suit against Sparaco for character defamation. Borelli was adamant in stating that there was no agreement with Sparaco and he will push to have the unedited tapes released to the public. After attending the conference Rockland County Republican Party Chairman Vincent Reda and Clarkstown Republican Party Chairman Bob Axelrod are going to move to have Borelli removed from the county and town committees. Both the F.B.I. and U.S. Attorney’s Office had no comment on the situation.

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