Rockland GOP Press Release Later Today

The FBI is in possession of tapes providing footage of political corruption from meetings with Rockland party officials. The tapes, secretly filmed by County Legislator Frank Sparaco will be made public later today at a press conference. Sparaco was advised by lawyers for the GOP to turn the tapes into the FBI, who investigated further into the allegations of threats and bribes indicating party officials were involved in the scheme. The Rockland county Republican Party released a statement saying that Sparaco wearing a hidden wire and camera obtained the materials. District attorney Thomas Zugibe, who was recently appointed to governor Cuomo’s task force against corruption, said that they had no knowledge of a press conference and his office was not involved in the secret plan to gain footage. In recent months the FBI and U.S. Attorney have charged Spring Valley Mayor, Noramie Jasmin, and Deputy Mayor Joseph Desmaret with taking bribes in exchange for approving a catering hall on village property. Monsey Financial Investor, Moses stern, who pleaded guilty and is working as a witness with the FBI, orchestrated the bribery scheme.

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