Political Group Seeking Independent Ballot Line for November

A political group in Clarkstown is seeking their own independent line on the ballot in the November election. The Clarkstown preservation society, a grassroots citizens party, began petitioning on Tuesday by collecting signatures from the community. President Peter Bradley said that they will be collecting signatures until early august and the group must have collected one thousand and five hundred in order to gain a place on the ballot. Bradley spoke out about why the group chose to petition for the ballot, saying that the group’s main principal is equal treatment for everyone, favoring no one in taxes and other government affairs. They say that party chiefs in rockland hand out patronage jobs in return of endorsement and they will change that if their candidates are elected in november. If Clarkstown Preservation gets on the ballot they plan to run candidates for Clarkstown Town Supervisor, and Town Board and Highway Superintendent. For the County Executive candidate Republican County Legislator Ed Day will run on the Preserve Rockland line against the Democratic winner. The group collected 52 signatures for Day and 46 for the town candidates. The group, which has 400 members, plans to meet weekly and has the support of Clarkstown Taxpayers, another citizens group with 1,000 members.

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