Poultry Slaughter House Back on the Table

The chicken slaughter house is back on the table!  The New Square poultry processing plant may be smaller in size this time but it still holds the same concerns of odor, traffic and the potential for stressing the water and sewage systems.

Federal prosecutors shut down the Adir Plant a few years ago for selling uninspected meat and operating under unsanitary conditions.  The Rockland County Planning Department disapproved the first proposal by Adir Poultry  Inc in 2009 for over utilizing the designated property.

Now, Heritage Park Poultry Processing Plant has revised the proposal scaling back on the size and providing space for parking.

The Rockland County Planning Department has recommended 22 modifications to the plant proposal, which include obtaining permits from the county, state and federal agencies.  The department still believes that the estimated $3-million plat does not belong in a residential neighborhood.

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